Forvarder AMKODOR 2661-01

Designed for collecting, loading and transportation of round timber on the territory of the cutting areas, runs and logging roads; as well as for handling, sorting and storing operations.

An extended load compartment.


Series overview


Wheel arrangement 6x6
Powertrain Hydro mechanical
Net flywheel power, kW (hp) 109 (148)
Rated payload capacity, kg 12000
Manipulator reach, m 8.2
Manipulator torque, kNm 80
Travel speed, km/h 0..28
  front 30.5L-32LS
  rear 700/50-26.5
Base, mm 5690
Track, mm 2100
Road clearance, mm 580
Overall dimensions:
Length, mm 9600
Width, mm 2900
Height, mm 3700
Constructive weight, kg 14000
Operating weight, kg 15400
Transportable assortment length, m 7