Lindner Geotrac

Lindner GEOTRAC Series 4


The new Lindner Geotrac series (Austria) is strong, highly maneuverable and extremely comfortable model of modern tractor.

The GEOTRAC was one of the first tractors developed to the latest principles of automotive design.

Well designed systems are combined with high quality. The optimum proportions create perfect visibility and timeless attraction. The powerful shaping underlines the ability of the vehicles to perform and makes it easier to recognize as a "Lindner". The ergonomics in and around the cab allow comfortable working for every use. Robust materials guarantee durability and simple maintenance.

Perkins units (England) installed in the engines. The power packages complying with the latest exhaust criteria - less consumption, less pollutants - are characterized by an enormous increase in torque.

Electro-hydraulic four-wheel drive and differential locking systems provide comfort and safety. They can be easily activated in a few seconds at any time by pressing a button. A turning circle of less than 8 m, low unladen weight and low cab height makes this tractor series one of the most maneuverable and suitable for slopes currently on the market.

Service: simple and economical maintenace is highly valued. The engine compartment, all maintenance points on the vegicle are easy to access. Continuous service intervals of only 500 hours are needed.



Series 4 Alpin

Series 4


GEO 64

GEO 74 ep

GEO 84ep

GEO 94ep

GEO 114ep

GEO 134ep


3.3 l

3.4 l

4.4 l

3-cylinder mechanic

4-cylinder common rail

76 HP (55,9 kW)

310 Nm

76 HP (55 kW)

318 Nm

95 HP (70 kW)

395 Nm

102 HP (75 kW)

420 Nm


exhaust Level 3A

exhaust level 3B, DPF


ZF T5 180 16/8, 16/16, W-ZW

2x power shift

(16/16 is GEO 84 ep series)

ZF T557-PS

16/8, W - ZW

power shuttle

CS, SP, 2x PS

ZF T 7140 L

32/32, 48/48, W-ZW

power shuttle CS, SP, APS,

4 x power shift

Engine PTO

430 / 540 / 750 / 1000 U/min

540 / 750 / 1000 / 1400 U/min

Power shiftable electro-hydraulic (optional)

Electro-hydraulic, 3 level start-up controlled, power shiftable

Electro-hydraulic, 3 level start-up

Design speed

30 km/h , 40 km/h

30 km/h , 40 km/h , 50 km/h