Fuel Modules V7,5-V15


 Fuel Modules with capacity 7000 – 15000  l (Fuel Module V7.5 Diesel Eco Box)


Portable non-pressure double-covered fuel tank V7,5-V15 with capacity of 7500-15000 l designed for storage of class III oil products for personal use. Suitable for areas where there is no possibility to establish stationary gas-stations and where oil demand exists permanently.

Standard equipment:

Double-covered fuel tank capacity of 7500; 10000; 15000 liters,

Distribution box protected with lock,

Wireless fuel level sensor,

Outflow hose, with an emergency stop over flow valve,

The fuel dispensing equipment, manufacturer: Horn Tecalemit, Germany (mechanical flow meter or the software);

Distributing system of capacity 55 - 80 l/min Power supply 230 V,

Track tightness system,

Fire-extinguished fixing attachment,

Fuel cleaning filter assembled on the suction pipeline.



Lightning  in the distribution box,

Hose reel,

Connection that assures data transmittance,

Other individually-tailored equipment.