Single-bucket wheel loader AMKODOR 342B

Single-bucket wheel loader AMKODOR 342B is designed for loading loose and lump materials in vehicles: perform earth-moving operations on the ground of soil category I-III  without preliminary soil loosening and on category IV after preliminary loosening, loading and unloading of general cargo and execution of construction and other works with quick-replaceable working bodies (attachments).


Payload capacity, kg 4000
Main bucket number ТО-
Heaped bucket capacity, м3 2.3
Bucket width, mm 2500
Dump height, mm 3070
Pull force, kg 10200
Bucket reach out, mm 1030
Turn radius, mm 6000
Static tipping load, kH 80
Weight on front axle, kg 4750
Weight on rear axle, kg 6750
Diesel type D-260.1
Net flywheel power, kW (HP) 109 (148) at 2100 rev/min
Transmission Hydromechanical
Travel speed, forward/rear, km/h:  
1-st 6.7/6.9
2-nd 12.2/22.3
3-rd 22.6
4-th 36
Rear axle oscillation angle, degree ±12
Differential limited slip
Service brake system multi-disc brakes in the "oil", with a separate hydraulic drive on drive-axles
Stop and emergency brake systems one-disc dry spring brake and hydraulic compression disinhibition
Steering Articulated frame hydraulic drive, hydraulic feedback and emergency pump driven by the drive wheels
Tires 20.5-25 (НС16) or 21.3-24 (НС16)
Hydraulic system dual pumping with a priority valve for steering and directional control valve with a direct hydraulic
Type of hydro control valve 2-sectional with a direct hydraulic
Hydraulic cycle time, sec:  
lift 5.6
discharge 1.2
lowering 3.3
Operating weight, kg 11500
Fuel tanks, l:  
fuel tank 215
hydro tank 110
Overall dimensions in transport position, mm:  
Length 7500
Height (cab's roof) 3450
Width 2500



 Single-bucket wheel loader AMKODOR 342B-01 equipped with elongated jib crane and has increased height of load dumping.


Payload capacity -3.3 tons. Diesel D-260.1 (148 hp).
Hydromechanical gearshift - U35615
Drive axles 342.05.01.000-01,02. Multidisc brakes in oil with hydraulic drive.
2-section hydraulic control valve Hydrocontrol RGS25G.2.(РГС25Г.2.).
Z - scheme of loading equipment.