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In the field of mechanical engineering

91 years

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Despite the challenging 1990s Rostselmash is one of the few in the industry that has managed to maintain production, working team and the continuity of design ideas. For Rostselmash the 2000s have become a restart period, a new development age. During this period production diversification and modernization were performed. New models of harvesting machines come off the line. The company comprises external industrial assets with new types of agricultural equipment. Rostselmash is turning into one of the strongest manufacturers and key players in the internationssal market of agricultural equipment.

Today the company has all the necessary technologies to perform a full cycle of high-quality products release, including it’s engineering development. Rostselmash has its own foundry, metal cutting, mechanical processing, welding and coating, as well as assembly facilities. At all the stages of agricultural equipment release: from engineering development to its service maintenance, advanced technologies allowing to quickly learn and launch production of new models of machines and adapters are implemented.